I think I´m becoming a garden Elf

17 Aug

I was invited to paint in Hellisgerði some veeks ago with some artists and it was enjoyable time we had.



even we had some rain…

that created some texture in my painting



and some hidden people came in my painting

and some real people (for two minutes)

Last weekend I went back to the garden and it seemed to be some elf-romantic in the air




One Response to “I think I´m becoming a garden Elf”

  1. Iet July 7, 2013 at 1:32 pm #

    Hello Svava, we visited your shop in Hall…( the couple from the Netherlands)…
    We talked about the Duch group of painters, ” the Toyists”….there are also 2 Icelandic painters member of the group! They have members from several coutries all over the word, but never more than 26.
    Looked at your paintings…
    Your paintings are beautiful. Very spiritual …..
    Best regards! ( also from my husband Roel!)
    Iet Goos

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