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A little trouble

30 Apr

Little tired on my way to Jönkeby I filled my tank and check the wheel I found out that one of my wheel had a problem so I had to wait on a gas station and sleep there. Seven o clock I moved my car and wait for a help, it was supposed to be  open at but no one came,  I found out that everything was closed and not opening until Wednesday. (some red day)

It is very intimate in a little town like Lönsboda the women in the gas station had also a Hostel I could stay in and a friend that fixes wheel so at noon all problem was fixed but I decided to stay another day.

In the sun I started to work and I meet some people that invited me to lunch and I sold few things so it was great.

Tuesday night sunburn and fine I decided to move on to Jönkeby

Lost in the wood

29 Apr

Sweden on thirsday Viking fest in Lönsboda.  After I got lost in the forest I found that beateful place just like a dream.

I decited  to go there one day before to have good time to relax before the marked…… little scary in the forest alone in fok and my car sank in the grass, but I was alive in the morning and slept as a baby.

Wonderful time in good company with great people in all kinds of weather the marked went well and everyone was happy.

my marked tent was nice and it did not sheet.

the fighting

Lönsboda – Sweden

25 Apr

Preparing my first marked next weekend in Lönsboda my tent is almost ready, my dress or my dresses are also almost ready ( I love to make viking dress so in the end I got  four new dresses for me) and two old so I will not be naked 🙂

Model for my tent

The tent tested with good help from Rimmugýgar friends.

My product is  impoverished a result because of my dresses but I am here to work.

Looking forward to participate in the marked 🙂

Small sample of my product




Driving straight to the ocean…

22 Apr

On the highway again to Copenhagen, had the feeling that  I was driving straight to the ocean when I got over the bridge to Zealand, it was both overwhelming and magnificence  feelings. And it was rely nice to lie in the bed that night and try to let my muscles relax.

Over 3000 km in one week I have had enough movement and felt that I rely need to work and find myself in my new mini studio and home. ( My car)

Hirsthals – Skandeborg

21 Apr

In Hirsthals I came nine  oclock in the morning and went straight to the oil station to prepare  for  my drive, turned on my GPS and….. no signal ….no map…. help from Iceland and then on the highway.

Skandeborg for one night. Wonderful barbeque (and a red vine long awaited:-) at Vestermølle beautiful place. Was thinking I don’t have to go further just perfect place.

Faroe Island

19 Apr

So on board I came and went from Iceland to the Faroe Islands there I had some time to look around and what a cozy little town.

Almost stranded

18 Apr

I found out that the summer was not yet in Iceland when I went to Seyðisfjörður to take the boat to Denmark.  I was almost trapped in snow and ice and at first I got the news that I was not going over the hill but in the end I was pulled and saved by men from the road service.

My car is not made for winter 🙂

Starting my trip

16 Apr

ready for my trip

Finely my home and my workshop are in my car ready to go at adventure. I will blog here about my travel in English so if I say something very weird it is probably my language trouble.

After I find out that my car accept my luggage and I had a enough air in my wheel I drove to Akureyri three hours late I landed there middle of the night…. tired but happy.

Shadow of my car in the evening sun he look like a truck 🙂