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My things for the market

31 May

Copenhagen middle ages market

24 May

I arrive in Copenhagen yesterday in a perfect weather sat with a lake and painted.

To day I am going to prepare for the marked I am looking forward to take a part in this adventure and I finally can use my middle ages dress I made.

here is the link to the marked.



22 May

From Växjö I drove to Skivarp in Skåne to say hello to lovely couple I meet in Ale viking fest. I stayed with theme for two days and it was very nice. They have a little company name MAGMAR and make a healing lotion from the nature.

I really enjoy that place and of course I painted a little 🙂

Green day

20 May

From Öland I went into the land again I drove to Våxjö and found a nice place to stay in Evedal lots of green color. I wonder how many green color exist……

me and my working place..

I painted ten hours constantly




On Öland

18 May

On Öland I came in a windy day I found a nice place to stay in Vikegårds. This is the third camping place that I am told that I am the first guest from Iceland (crazy women travel alone 🙂   )…………. that is surprising me I thought Icelanders have travel a lot. Maybe the reason is that I don´t like big camping place I love to have nature around. In fact this is a big place but you don´t feel it and it is a little away from the main road.

The Island is totally flat… well so far I have seen I have not seen it all. But it is little strange to see the horizon line where ewer you look.

I think I will stay here at lest one night more and work….

my work of the day …..


and the night…


16 May

Tomorrow I am going to Öland and maybe I will stay there. I painted this from my camp and this is the bridge I will drive to the Island.

In Kalmar alone but not lonely….

16 May

From Våsterviken I drove to Kalmar and decided to stay there and work. I have had so much inspiration the last days that my head was full.

work of the day


Maybe a little lonely…….:-)

Just a ordinary day cleaning and washing

14 May

In five star camping place in Västervik I have spend my day cleaning the house and washing my clothes nice to have just a ordinary day.

It is a huge camping place with everything golf, fishing,boats,restaurants,swimming pool,sauna and etc. but I was happy with my shower and washing machine and now …everything is shining and clean 🙂


I am here

13 May

Some photo of me 🙂

in Kisa and in Västervik

So many thing captured my eyes to day

13 May