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Exhibition in Foteviken Museum 2012

29 Jun

I got a opportunity to have a exhibition in the Museum

a was very happy and the work fits in perfectly in the room.

where they are inspired from the Viking …

and timeless



Viking market at foteviken

28 Jun

After lots of wind and good period of painting I have had a good whether and fantastic sunset.

and back to the past……..

and some curse in card weaving and ceramic …..


Midsummer magic

22 Jun

color color color…….magic.

The perfect painting

22 Jun

Found electricity ….

I have been thinking of what drives me on, and I found out that I am always looking for the perfect painting ore the perfect work to create.  One work leads to another, sometimes something happens without control ….and than I need to find and control the magic that happens unexpected.

So I really hope I will not find the perfect one because than I have to stop 🙂

This painting came from the sunset painting from yesterday.

Today is midsummer and lots of magic in the air and I hope in my painting …………


20 Jun

In Foteviken I arrived to night…. beautiful  weather and wonderful place i took a walk around and sneaked in the Viking village and went 1000 year back in time……I dressed in my viking dress and cooked a nice meal and had a glass of red vine and painted the sunset……..I  am looking forward to bee here next two weeks…………..

without electricity so next blogg in july 🙂


19 Jun

On Skane I came and had information about middle ages market in Glimmingehus so I went there and I was allowed to take part.

Camps up and ready for the market

with help from a good assistant

Knights on horses ….


Story teller….

In a Castle like this my imagination begins to fly..

Ghost or not…..

I was told that in the Castle was a woman ghost I don´t know the story but she wanted to be in my painting ….


I really like Skane I don´t know why… does inspire me

I love Sweden also in the rain.

19 Jun

On our  way south we had so mush rain that it was almost not possible to drive so we found a nice place to stay with a lake and after the rain I got  so deep color to express in my painting.

After long drive next day we ended in Vadstena a cozy country town.

And this beautiful Castle.

Unexpected there was a marked one hour after we got there  and I was welcome to take part………

so in my dress and get my things I was ready on the marked






From Copenhagen to Norway

11 Jun

After good time in Copenhagen I decided to take a direction to Norway and take some working day in Sweden on my way. Sunday afternoon I came to Oslo and found interesting camping place in middle of the old town on top of hill and my view was over the city.

In the morning I went on my bike in the sun and the rain.

From Oslo I went to the airport to pick up my friend from Iceland which was going to travel with me for two weeks. Even I have enjoy travel alone it was very nice to have a company.

And to bring me back to reality for a while  😉

We took the direction to mountains and discover the demanding road in Norway.

and all the magnificent and beautiful landscape Norway have.

1250 m.o.s we drove and I had the feeling I was back to Iceland again ….

just fun in the snow….

from the winter we drove in the summer again and I found this perfect moment of sun and water……….

In Eidfjörd I started painting  from my camping place

Driving again and in Invik …. of course painting more…

I find it very interesting that so many houses is building in steep slope.

We found nice place in the wood to stay over the night and in the morning we wake up with some strange noise and that was a screaming M00se and it was a little scary.

To Sweden we came today

more painting…….

and some help from the rain this came in my mind….


Too morrow we will go south to new adventures……

Inspiration from Växjö

2 Jun


Middle ages fest in Copenhagen

2 Jun

In a perfect weather I had a wonderful time with great people and lots of visitors

My beautiful assistant…… my daughter

Horse battle….


Viking fight…..



Dancing and singing  …… an inspiration for my painting

my painting


and some more inspiration…..