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30 Jul

From Moesgard I went to Skenderborg to see my cousin. She absolutely felt in love with my dresses so we decided to have some fun along with my daughter all dressed as a Viking girl and took a walk in the Bambi forest.

And the Bambi seams to like the Viking women …..

And her daughter as well…..

actually to well…….it seams she was going away with theme 🙂

than we had some photo time so beautiful girl we have me and my sister 🙂

..and one of me and my niece ..

Moesgard …mystery..

28 Jul

In Moesgard I came 2 O´clock after midnight. It was total darkness and the road was in a very dense forest I felt I was in a Tolkien adventure I had no idea were this road was getting me it just got darker and darker and smaller… but in the end I found place with lots of cars but I did not see people. I found a place for my car and after enjoying the starry sky and one glass of red vine I went to bed.

After about 10 hours sleep (must have been tired I did´t wake up with my clock ) I took a walk in the forest.

And what a incredible forest I was so impressed …

I found a MAGIC……Women

I found something maybe from the  Lord of the rings ….. ???

……….Vikings ready for a war

I meet a strange women

and warriors  from the past ??

more than two hundred fighters took part in the show …

And the Icelanders Vikings  from Rimmugýgur where the best of course 🙂

And what a rain….

and good to warm themselves by the fire…….

Individual is part of nature

23 Jul

Being away from my country has given me a new perspective  I think…… painted with Iceland in my heart

We are part of the nature and the nature are part of us and that we should have in our mind every day….

Akryl on canvas size 20 x 20 cm

And more painting

22 Jul

Still in Ulrichihamn in good mood for painting

Reflection from a window in Skottekgarden ( an old churck now a restaurant) painted on a old table…

just from my mind…

A rainy day..

I have no idea where this came from …it just came

In high mode ….painting…painting..painting

12 Jul

Reflection I   size 40 x 50

Relaxing and work with watercolor in Ulricehamn

11 Jul

After lots of inspiration and traveling through Scandinavia…..I needed processing of all that I have in my mind and I  am so lucky that I  got a place to work in my favorite place Skottekgarden.

my studio

Inspiration from foteviken midsommernight…

my feeling….

inspiration from Norway

from my mind…



Memory of Iceland I think………….

I am starting to paint a bigger watercolor painting and I am enjoying …and I will give me complete  freedom to let my color flow in my paintings  for a  few days ……..