Relaxing and work with watercolor in Ulricehamn

11 Jul

After lots of inspiration and traveling through Scandinavia…..I needed processing of all that I have in my mind and I  am so lucky that I  got a place to work in my favorite place Skottekgarden.

my studio

Inspiration from foteviken midsommernight…

my feeling….

inspiration from Norway

from my mind…



Memory of Iceland I think………….

I am starting to paint a bigger watercolor painting and I am enjoying …and I will give me complete  freedom to let my color flow in my paintings  for a  few days ……..



One Response to “Relaxing and work with watercolor in Ulricehamn”

  1. Ina Arnadottir July 11, 2012 at 1:10 pm #

    Glæsilegar myndir hjá þér Svava mín, hlakka til að sjá þig í næsta mánuði, Knús

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