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A treasures from the past.

30 Nov

Over hundred years old embroidered decoration   made in Tirol with golden thread I was brought one day and ask if I could use it for something. So spectacular and I love to give this treasures a new life.


and something new in my textile..

Christmas marked in Hall in Tirol

30 Nov

Time flies and  Christmas is coming soon.

lost myself in designing of packaging

And I have a good company with Goats and Camel Ali ….

… and a good Christmas atmosphere.

Sometimes life takes unexpected turns and you have to follow

29 Nov

When I took my road to Austria I had a good opportunity. …………….

I had a good advice from a friend before I left Iceland …If you get a opportunity that is to good too be true, it will not work.

And  that happens.

I waited patient for three weeks and than I decided I could not wait more.

So in Austria I was and I felt I wanted to stay….But I had no plan.

One day someone told me I had to visit Hall in Tirol and see the old town.

And that was it I found a little place for rent in the middle of the old town and after some thinking I decided to rent this place and stay.

So now I have open my little gallery and workshop in the center of Hall in Tirol.

And i love this old town 🙂