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Exhibition in Cafe SiSi Innsbruck 2014

20 Feb
sisi2014 spjald liitiĆ°
In this nice restaurant with bright color ( and of course very good food) I was so lucky to be offered to show my work. I decided to have the color from the wall in my mind when I started to work. After almost a year here in Austria I wanted to see something new in my work.  So I was thinking, walking and searching. And of course with this bright color from the wall I had some new challenge and with help from little glittering from Swarovski I found  new interesting composition. The restaurant have three different room so I could make three different work…Textile (Art Quilt) Watercolor and Acrylic..
The environment
sisi 1
my Textile
sisi4 sisi2   
sisi12 sisi
sisi8 sisi7
 Beautiful waterfall and in a perfect day in autumn In wolfsklam I was inspired…
wholf4 wholf3 wholf2 wholf1