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I’m wondering about human beings….

31 Oct

….where we are going and what we expect in our lives.

What keeps us happy and satisfied………

and some more painted this sommer

29 Aug

more painting from the Elf Garden

29 Aug

My painting to day in Elf garden

24 Aug

beautiful moment

17 Aug

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 My journey on the bicycle tonight, I found this beautiful moment….


I think I´m becoming a garden Elf

17 Aug

I was invited to paint in Hellisgerði some veeks ago with some artists and it was enjoyable time we had.



even we had some rain…

that created some texture in my painting



and some hidden people came in my painting

and some real people (for two minutes)

Last weekend I went back to the garden and it seemed to be some elf-romantic in the air




Unexpected holiday in Eyjafjörður ( broken car actually )

10 Aug

Öxnadalsheiði ..waiting for some help alone in the fog  7.30 in the morning…beautiful colour

the fog was lifted

and my help came….

Grundarskógur from my mind…

Gásir middel-age festival july 16th -20th 2011

6 Aug

This summer I took part  in  a middel-age festival at Gásir in Eyjafjörður. It was like going back in time and I realy enjoyed those days. So nice to be in the nature, have a good time and relax.

Opening of the market and the legislation read out loud.


Keeping the rhythm…..

 with many different instrument

Old methods in crafting cloth…

Teaching the young….

waiting for the ship….

found the Island…..



Master of the ship…..

The sail drawn down….

food for the winter….


the day is ending …

….and the evening is approaching

the sitting sun…

beautiful middel-age night….

Good night

Viking village in Hafnarfjörður june 16. – 19. 2011

25 Jun

Last weekend was the annual viking festival in Hafnarfjordur with Vikings from all over the world meet and demonstrated martial crafts and culture in honor of their ancestors. I participated in the festival showed a new line where I worked from Viking influence.

Inspirited by my journey to Denmark, Norway and Spain spring 2011

24 May

In my daughters garden I loved to sit down with my sketchbook. Breath in the athmosphere of colors, forms and the sound of the birds …..