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Songsvatn picnic

24 May

Beautiful sunny day in the forest beside Songsvatn I had picnic with some good friends, so nice everywhere people were relaxing and having a good time…..

Cosy restaurant

24 May

I was waiting for my friend and I needed a place to stay for tree hours and found a small homely restaurant, it was not like I was in a big city, every customer had a big hug ( exept me of course) when they left. I decided to have snails in garlic and it was very tasty. I got in the mood to paint and I made some interesting sketches.

from my day on Akerbrygge.

Akerbrygge Oslo

24 May

In Oslo I spent some  time on Akerbrygge just thinking, writing and enjoying the moment.

Inspired from Barcelona

24 May

On the airplane on my way to Oslo I needed to paint my inspiration from Barcelona… just from my mind

Barcelona Calella

24 May

Calella in the sun ….seaside

Painted with blue colour and extra strong coffee (spanish espresso)


19 Apr

Arrived in the sun and the spring is here … I love Copenhagen

23 Mar

Article about me in this magazine.
page 134 – 137

15 Mar

Two shelfs of books from three different libraries, reading, sketching, experimenting for two weeks I woun´t tell how many hours, pain in my back, no feeling in my fingers, harvesting new things for my work and it is so worth it and I am so happy.


12 Mar

Last week I felt like the spring was coming the bird was singing in the tree and the sun was shining.


Maybe….. it is not stranges to bee in a stranges mood.

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21 Feb

somthing finally is happening  in my creation to day.. I hope…. – mixed media  size 19 X 25