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Recycling and rethinking

9 Aug

More and more I think about our world….how fast it goes, how much we have of everything for example, things and of entertainment……and how empty we seem to be. For me it is like the more we have the more we are empty.

When I start my traveling I went with my Mobile home and I took the things I need and I had place for..and with that I started my life here …when I rent my apartment and my gallery I start with empty places and before I knew I had everything I needed …not the first day but with time it came…and almost everything was on the way to trash…for my work people are very generous with me they see that I create  things and like to give me materials and this is really a gold for my and help me to survive … And when I have the material  around me I start to create…and sometimes magic happened 🙂  But I realized that when I got to much of material I lost my focus and I can´t work….

For two weeks I had this problem I had lots of  material and to many idea to make things and I did not know where to start so I decided to start making some easy quick cozy blanked from old sweater…..

Easy, simple it start but than I start the fly (70 hour and little more )but  I am quite happy with my tapestries 😉

and with this piece I  found my road to my Artwork

teppi 1

My Material basked ……





A treasures from the past.

30 Nov

Over hundred years old embroidered decoration   made in Tirol with golden thread I was brought one day and ask if I could use it for something. So spectacular and I love to give this treasures a new life.


and something new in my textile..