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It is a right time for everything :-) My exhibition November 2016

19 Mar

And the right time came and the work was floating…..and in November 2016 the day before my exhibition four women was born and they have something to say ….I did´t know that in the beginning …In my silence I found the  answer.

She tells me that, the root is my ground. My culture and my past is what I am.But with open mind, learning and respect for the cultures of others I can see all the beautiful colors that we have in this world.

ried 1

We have just three colors blue,red and yellow. When we mix them together we find the magic, thousands of different color that makes the Masterpiece “Our World,, and we also find more respect for ourselves when we respect others.

without respect the color is gray.

She tells me that, when I close my eyes I can find my own light. In that light I can find everything I need, all my answer and all my wishes.

ried 2

She tells me, find your fire inside you and you can do everything. In this fire it is easy and everything flows.

ried 3

She tells me, that when my life is too easy and too organized I have to make a change and get out of my box. We need challenges to continue and to be whole.

ried 4

My four peaces in SigmundsRied , Ried im Oberinntal, Austria

ried litil 1






My wish

28 Sep

Sometimes I think that if I had one wish I would like to have more hours in my day. The time goes by so fast…

Last week I had the flue and was stuck in bed all day. Suddenly the time went by so slowly. I had a good time for thinking. I think sometimes the body and the mind say stop, they need to review and rethink and see the prospect.

Sometimes I think about why I am doing my work. Today we can create magic with our technology and of course money. We can create it very fast and we can do thousands of copies in one day. We don´t have to do much work, we can copy and paste. Money is time and time is money we say.

In my bed I saw a documentary from the old masters. Some of the masterpieces took many years to create, but after 500 or 1000 years we are still breathtaken by their work. Today we have much better tools and equipment to create things but we don´t give us the time to do them. I don´t think we have much left of our ambition today to create things that will be remembered after 500 years.

I am not comparing myself with the old masters and I don´t know if my work will live the test of time, but I think I share the same fire. The fire of creating. The magic to see and feel and create from that something that is original, something no one can copy or steal.

And I love every part of this process. And when my work speaks to another person, I got a reason to go on and I find the meaning of why I do my work.

This is a start for a new work but it don´t want to continue and than it simply have to wait for the right time ………







Abstract World

9 Sep

My last exhibition was, ABSTRACT  WORLD ,, For me we have less and less respect for the people and for the nature. And we are losing our natural connecting with the nature and   automatically we lost connect with ourselves. The last Century with Technologies Explosion change ore life and in some way I think it makes our life more complicated and less fulfill.  Everything must to be fast and what we have today is obsolete tomorrow. The things we buy is cheaper and the quality of things is less, we don´t repair we by new things. And we buy without thinking, sometimes to fill up our emptiness and sometimes just because it is cheap.  We don´t think about where this come from and why it is cheap. Is it normal that clothes are cheaper and the fabric to make the clothes? Is it normal, that buy new things is cheaper and repair? We are having Mountains of garbage. And unfortunately we have cheap workers sometimes children in Indonesia and China to work for us and sometimes like a slaves.  But this is the Economy and this is the message we become every day, we have to have this and that to be accepted and to feel good. Therefore the more we buy the wheel of the Money system rotates and work for small group of people that controls the world.  And nothing is sacred, if it makes money it is okay……And as more we have the more we are empty, we have lost the feeling to wait and looking forward to have things….

I don´t know if this superfluity environment that leads me to the way of my life where I like to recycling and work from what comes to me. I like my life in a quiet rhythm there I feel the nature change from the summer to the fall, I feel the sadness when the leaves are falling and the flower time is over, but I also find some energy in this time of new colours.  I feel rich in my soul. Sometimes I also feel empty in my heart, sometimes I feel sad, we can´t have the sun every day. But after the rain the sun is brighter and that is life….


“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
― Mahatma Gandhi


Recycling and rethinking

9 Aug

More and more I think about our world….how fast it goes, how much we have of everything for example, things and of entertainment……and how empty we seem to be. For me it is like the more we have the more we are empty.

When I start my traveling I went with my Mobile home and I took the things I need and I had place for..and with that I started my life here …when I rent my apartment and my gallery I start with empty places and before I knew I had everything I needed …not the first day but with time it came…and almost everything was on the way to trash…for my work people are very generous with me they see that I create  things and like to give me materials and this is really a gold for my and help me to survive … And when I have the material  around me I start to create…and sometimes magic happened 🙂  But I realized that when I got to much of material I lost my focus and I can´t work….

For two weeks I had this problem I had lots of  material and to many idea to make things and I did not know where to start so I decided to start making some easy quick cozy blanked from old sweater…..

Easy, simple it start but than I start the fly (70 hour and little more )but  I am quite happy with my tapestries 😉

and with this piece I  found my road to my Artwork

teppi 1

My Material basked ……




The summer of silence

31 Jul

After year of traveling and transfer my house and my gallery, I needed a time to find my rhythm. Time to learn to live in a more than 400 years old house with wood Heating, to find place for my things and to make my home homey ..And now I feel really at home I have peace in my heart and my soul and I just like to be. I don´t like to have plan I don´t like to go for Holiday I just like to be in my work and my searching. After four and a half year of adventure with new land new language new people and now new house, I have found something very special some connection with my self with my garden and with my environment. I am thankful  for today and I am looking forward for tomorrow. I am also thankful for the past and the five year on the road that brought me here.  I can not say why and what it is that is so special, it is just so. And I am also not saying that my life is a dance and roses, it is not easy to live from art but I am alive and I am happy to be.

I don´t go for my inspiration I just open my eyes and look what I see… The nature is a magic. the light in the morning when the sun rise and the light from the streetlight reflected after the rain in the night…….I have it all when I really open my eyes ………



GSM cover

31 Oct


27 Feb

Something special

10 Feb


Hot plates

1 Feb