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My new Gallery in Hall in Tirol

19 Sep

End of July I took the decision to close my little Gallery on the main square here in Hall. I had very good nine month there but it was very small and difficult to present my work I did´t have plan for a new gallery but front of my home a beautiful place was free so I decided to open a new. And I am so happy with my new place it is just right for me and my work.

gallery opnun 10


From Iceland to Austria

opnun gallery 13


gallery opnun 3



My historical corner inspiration from the Viking time  and from Tirol


opnun gallery 12


Prepare the opening…… little nervous will someone come ?

gallery opnun 7


And my wonderful neighbors from my home  came ….


gallery opnun 2jpg


And my wonderful neighbors from my gallery came …..


gallery opnun 4


and more wonderful people and friends …


gallery opnun 5


and more

opnun gallery 16




opnun gallery 15


Thanks to you all who made my opening day so perfect ……




Beautiful violin sound

29 Dec

One very cold day in December  I heard a beautiful sounds and i went out from my workshop and there was this man playing on his violin so peaceful and giving…



fidal deteil

Winter in Hall in Tirol

11 Dec

On my way to my workshop today …so beautiful but a little bit cold 🙂

Christmas marked in Hall in Tirol

30 Nov

Time flies and  Christmas is coming soon.

lost myself in designing of packaging

And I have a good company with Goats and Camel Ali ….

… and a good Christmas atmosphere.

Sometimes life takes unexpected turns and you have to follow

29 Nov

When I took my road to Austria I had a good opportunity. …………….

I had a good advice from a friend before I left Iceland …If you get a opportunity that is to good too be true, it will not work.

And  that happens.

I waited patient for three weeks and than I decided I could not wait more.

So in Austria I was and I felt I wanted to stay….But I had no plan.

One day someone told me I had to visit Hall in Tirol and see the old town.

And that was it I found a little place for rent in the middle of the old town and after some thinking I decided to rent this place and stay.

So now I have open my little gallery and workshop in the center of Hall in Tirol.

And i love this old town 🙂

Fog and forest

17 Oct

It have been raining and starting snowing in the mountains here in Götzens and the mountain have been covered with fog..It sounds   maybe strange having all this beautiful view ….. but I love this colours and the mystery that this weather creates…


1 Oct

In Austria I arrived September 20 in the night. I was very lucky that I was so tired after about 12 hours drive so i did´t have energy to be afraid when I drove down the mountains to Innsbruck 16 % gradient in total darkness. My destination was a small village named Götzens  ten minutes from Innsbruck.

Innsbruck the old town ….

and in the dusk it was even more interesting ….

Around Innsbruck is so many small village and a beautiful countryside..

And I got a new fan that followed me all around and of course I made a painting of my new friend,,

I was  invited to spend a day in the mountain with very nice family and have a barbique. They have a 500 years old house so charming almost all original and the view was amazing.

And the autumn is starting with all my favorite colors …….

my painting

And my friend ….

New York New York…

28 Aug

So now it was New York


my head was up and it was up…..




and up….


walking and walking so many things to see……….

The old time and the new ……


and Central Park…..


so mush life….


Michel Jackson memory moment


Imagine so mush to see …and I have had so mush  experience and lots of new color in my life ….


and in the night so beautiful color…





And here you can get it all……….


I like this better …….



Opera outdoors ……


I and my friend Rafhael enjoy the music and let the imagination go freely in our sketches


and I got a little art fan…..



and the museum …


Dancing with Matis






Elephant ..





JULY 12–SEPTEMBER 30, 2012


Yayoi KusamaJuly 12–September 30, 2012

So interesting artist ….for the eyes and the soul



…. and so is the time to enjoy life……






New York I´ll be back…



From Main to New York – Washington DC

25 Aug

It was rely difficult to leave Haystack and this amazing place and the good energy that I found there but I was also very happy that my friend from the school  invited me to go with him to New York and offered my place to stay. In my mind New York was a place I did not have courage to go alone.

We got a ride with one of my class friend…….. we had a plan that I would share the drive with her but I was very thankful we were three and not need for I to drive on the highway.

new y3

The world was waiting for me 🙂

new y2

so much….

new y1

The first stop was in Brooklyn there we stayed one nigh than I decided to visit my friend from Iceland that lives in  Washington.

And that was amazing we had so good time.

She is also an Artist and she invited me to a picnic with her art group …

Full table of food and drinks and most important very good company with great people ……

Than it start raining like skyfall…..


and raining ……….


The morning after the sun came ……

and I went of course  to see the White House and walk in the park………..


and one Museum …


and I found the house of my dream………..


almost missed my train to NY…………got a little lost in the big garden

Haystack school of Mountain

23 Aug

The reason for my traveling to USA was I got a scholarship to take a two week course in Haystack the school of Mountain in Maine.

And it was two weeks in Paradise.

After a little trouble to get there and a little adventure…. train that came one hour to late so I lost the next one and one bus and in the end there was no way to go the last 40 miles except with a taxi about one hour drive but  after driving around for three hour we finely found this hidden paradise.


I left Beverly Farm 7 Am and I was in Haystack 9.30 Pm

but it was worth it and And I got so wonderful hospitality when I came and the best chicken ever 🙂

The way to the my cabin


In this environment is not possible to be not creative ….




Elisabeth Busch our great teacher and great person that gave us the best two weeks we could have


And we laughed…..


and we had a nice breaks….


Every minute was enjoy


and on the coast we had a lobster fest …




Small part of my work in the course I felt in love with those color and this technique


My class and my friends forever  THANKS !

And Haystack School of montain  THANKS !